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Subject:  Potential downtime
Date:  3/11/05, 12:09pm (Last Edited: 3/11/05, 5:03pm)
I am going to be changing service providers shortly, so there may be a short period of downtime... I am going to do my best to get all files transferred to the new server on time.For you techies: I need to do a switch because the current service provider does not allow a "crontab." A crontab is a ist of programs that I can run in the "background," unnoticed, to do important things like look for delayed, approved links and post 'em up.Instead -- without a crontab -- the main page has to do that work when you first go on to baseballgeeks which causes delay (and the potential for multiple postings of the greenlit link).So, if you go to baseballgeeks and get an error... this is why. It should not be a long downtime, if at all.

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