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Subject:  Zambrano At It Again
Date:  4/23/06, 4:30pm
Victor Zambrano pitched awefull again and basically showed his confidence of his own stuff, by throwing 5 straight off speed pitches in a crucial situation in the 4th. With bases loaded he threw Brian Giles 5 straight off speed offerings before sucumbing to a full count fast ball which was deposited in the stands. The offense tried to mount a comback in the 6th, but with bases loaded and trailing 5-4, Kaz struck out.

I've said this over and over again, Zambrano is terrible, I would love for the Mets to just cut him, do something, move Heilman back to the rotation, call up Royce Ring or Heath Bell, just pitty us fans from seeing this mess take the hill.

Jorge Julio is starting to settle down and has looked decent his last couple of outings.

Beltran wasn't used again today in a crucial spot in the 6th for a pinch hitter, with Endy Chavez coming to the plate with 2 on, it was speculated he may come in, but this pretty much tells us he cannot play the field, and I think he should be put on the DL then.

It's off to San Fran and Matt Cain Monday.

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