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Subject:  Bill Hall's role
Date:  3/7/06, 8:38pm
Bill Hall hit .291 with 17 HR and 18 SB in 501 at bats last season. But the Brewers brought in Corey Koskie to play 3B and presumably be the starter. Koskie of course is injury prone and hasn't put up the numbers Hall did last year since 2001. My opinion is Hall should play 3B everyday but it doesn't appear that will be the case. I think it's more likely to see him play 2B and SS once a week and 3B two or three times a week. This gives him enough playing time and gives the Crew a solid backup so Hardy and Weeks can have a day off. Also, it will give Koskie a chance to sit and (hopefully) stay off the DL this year.

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To:  kschellenger
Subject:  Re: Bill Hall's role
Date:  3/8/06, 8:08am (Last Edited: 3/8/06, 8:11am)
Personally, I think Koskie will be more of the part time player. I have highly touted Bill Hall this year, so my fantasy reputation is on the line.

Koskie has had a credible drop in HRs and AVG in the last two years. And, while I have heard "experts" say that Koskie is better at defense, they actually were pretty much comparable (Hall, 148 games, 16 errors; Koskie, 76 games, 7 errors).

When you throw in the fact that Hall was switching positions and would, therefore, be more susceptible to errors, Bill Hall is the better option for the Brewers.

I believe that Koskie has been picked up as insurance for JJ Hardy and Weeks. JJ Hardy had a great second half, but his first half was abysmal. Weeks was fantastic when he first came up, but he had a substantial dropoff in AVG. His stolen bases were great and he showed some true pop (13 HRs in 360 ABs), but if you're not going to hit in Miller Park (.236 AVG), you aren't ready for the bigs.

The ultimate question is whether Ned Yost and the Brewers management are baseball smart enough to see Hall's importance to the team (and whether Bill Hall will have a great Spring vs. Koskie).

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