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To:  All
Subject:  Wikipedia stuff
Date:  9/18/06, 4:45pm
Good news ... I submitted a link to the website under the fantasy baseball section of wikipedia (, and it is now listed there.

Bad news ...
I then submitted a short article about the website and podcast. I really enjoy listening to your podcast, and I thought it was well deserved of an entry in wikipedia. However, the entry was deleted by an administrative type on the site, as it was identified as spam. I intentionally kept the commercial references out of the article, and I really thought it was quite generic; no mention of any of Rob's many other sites (including, or

I really don't see how it's much different than other posts about Protrade,'s fantasy baseball show, Baseball Prospectus, Yahoo! fantasy sports, etc.

Rob or Greg, if you want the entry I submitted to wikipedia, e-mail me at I may give it another shot, but perhaps a second set of impartial eyes could see the "shameless plug" I inadvertently entered in the article.

The world must know about Bobby O'Malley! (That was his name, wasn't it??).

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To:  TerryPuhlParty
Subject:  Re: Wikipedia stuff
Date:  9/19/06, 10:33am
Damn! Thanks for trying... yah, there will always be bias in every aspect of the Net. Just so they know, I will not link you guys here, you Wikipedia bastards!

Take that!

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