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Subject:  WBC
Date:  2/28/06, 11:27pm
*The World Baseball Classic is this week. I cannot wait. I personally have waited for this tournament for a long time and I think it is long overdue, by about 30 years. What is buzz killing it for me a little it is how so many big name pros are backing out. It is one thing to say "I'm out" from the get go, but to commit and back out really irks me to say the least. I like the U.S. team with Jeter and Texiera, Rocket and D Train. I am very curious about Cuba and the Asian teams more than anything. We all know the Carribean teams will show up and maybe the Domincan Republic will walk away with the whole thing. Wo really knows what the Cubans can do? Can they handle using wood? What are their pitchers loooking like? How many are going to defect to the States and pitch for New York (El Duque, Contreras)? Float them on over I say. Get them out of that Communist island and put them in pinstripes.

*Speaking of the WBC, Ozzie Guillen ripped my boy A Rod in a recent SI about A Rod committing th the Dominican team and thn playing for the U.S. Leave him alone Ozzie. I am a Guillen fan, but A Rod is not his player, not on his team, not Venezuelan, and not his business. I sympathize with A Rod being torn between the two countries. You can't please everyone A Rod, no matter how hard you try. Your first reason is your are the best in the AL, wear Yankee pinstripes, and make a ton of money. A Rod was no help in the October either. I like the fact he chose to U.S. First, he was born here and by birth is an American citizen. The Domicans already have a strong team and may even be the favorite. Second, A Rod playing for the U.S. gives the team some ethnic diversity that is reflective of the population. As an American born of Latino decent, I like seeing him in Red, White & Blue. I like seeing someone like A Rod paying for us. He is not a traitor to the Dominicans. Ozzie later apoligized and got off my sh*%t list. It is easy to talk when you are on top Ozzie. Fall off and keep talkin'. They build you up and tear you down man.

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