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Subject:  GM = new celeb
Date:  2/28/06, 11:48pm
What brought about this blog was Kenny Williams ripping into the Big hurt. What should hurt is Thomas's butt because Williams verbally ripped him a new one. What a way for most casual fans to know who Kenny Williams is. To think Ozzie was the outspoken one in the organization. For now, Williams bumps the spotlight from Theo, Billy, and Paul. His fifteen minutes will be up once Ozzie opens his mouth again about whatever is bothering him at the time.When Theo's prom pictures start showing up on my myspace, watch out world. I will be checkng out Red Sox Chic's blog for links on that. For those of you who haven't heard, supposedly Theo was going to take some "lucky" high schooler to their prom. I would like to see footage of Theo doing the worm or electric slide. I would put that on my myspace page if it were available. I see Theo diggin' Jay Z even though he is a Yankee fan, maybe even a little "Holla Back Girl". Most everyone who hasn't been under a rock knows about Billy Beane and "Money Ball". Anything Billy says, writes, or does wil be in the news. Brian Cashman of the Yankees is very visible now also. I am surprised he isn't on tv more because of him being in New Yawk and because his boss (The Boss) makes headlines. Speaking of Nueva Yori , I just watched Quite Frankly with my boy Stephen A. and he had Omar Minaya on the show. Minaya is everything I want to be. He is smooth, in Queens, out of Montreal, and is just as much the face of the Mets as any of his star players. I can't wait to read his book if he ever does one. I hope he does it in English and Spanish to inspire a larger audience worldwide. Too bad he has to compete with the Yankees. No contest there. It's a Yankees town and always will be. My hope is that we, the general baseball public, get to know more baseball GMs through crazy antics, smack talk, or outbursts about former players like those of Kenny Williams.

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